Maps & Diagrams

Event Venue & Start/Finish Diagram
Race 1 & 4 – Please click here to view (PDF Document).
Race 2 – Please click here to view (PDF document).
Race 3 – Please click here to view (PDF document).

Feed Station & Technical Zone Diagram
Race 1,  Race 2 , Race 3 & 4 – Please click here to view (PDF document).

Race Stages & Forest Maps

The special Race Stages will be kept secret as long as possible.  Course marking is a huge task and begins 4 days out from each event, so clues will slowly appear in the forest over the days leading up to the event.  However not until 1 day prior to the event when course marking is complete and online entries close will the full course be released on the TrailMapp App and announced on event Facebook page. 

Printed water proof Forest Maps (containing each special Race Stage, the Shuttle Bus Pick-up Spots and the Feed Station/Technical Zone) will be available for collection at the race pack pick-up.