Is there an age limit in any race?
No, however parental consent is required for anyone wishing to compete who is under the age of 16 years.

Is there a time limit for completing any race?
Yes, 4 hours for the Four Stage and 6hours for the Six Stage event categories. We like everyone to be back by 4:30 pm. The Prize Giving will commence at 5:00pm.

Are there limited entries?
Yes there are a maximum of 400 competitors allowed in each race. In this regard, it is best to enter early to avoid disappointment.

How do I know I/we are entered?
You will be sent a confirmation of entry email provided you have given a valid email address. If you do not see this in your Inbox, please have a look in your intercepted spam folder to see if for some reason it found its way there.

What billing name will appear on my credit-card statement?
Dare 2 Sweat Events

How do I wear my race number plate & timing mechanism?
Race number plates must be cable tied to the front handlebars or brake cables of competitor’s mountain bikes so the race number is clearly visible from the front. The race timing mechanism should be worn securely around competitor’s middle finger, with safety elastic strap secured around the wrist for the duration of the event.

How many shuttle uplifts do the shuttle event category riders get?
The Four Stage and Six Stage Shuttled events typically have either 3 or 4 shuttle bus uplifts to assist riders reach Race Stage starts, depending on the Race Stages set and bus access to the tops of these. Shuttled riders on occasion may have to cycle between some stages, transitioning across a hillside or up a climb to reach a specific Special Stage where shuttle buses cannot reach.

Are Feed Stations and Tech Zones free?
Yes – although we advise you to carry a little money in case your bike requires some on-course repairs with parts you are not carrying.

What items of equipment are compulsory?
An approved cycle helmet is the only item of compulsory gear.

What items are riders recommended to carry with them?

It is highly recommended riders carry a minimum of –

• $20 cash

• 1.5 litres of water in bottles or hydration pack

• Some solid food

• An inner tube

• A pump

• Bicycle multi-tool

• Spare brake pads

Do I have to hand back my race number and timing mechanism?
Race numbers – No, they are yours to keep as a memento of the event.
Timing mechanisms – Yes, once you have completed the event, the race timing officials will remove these. If you did not start the event and took your timing mechanism home by accident please contact us immediately to organise its return.

What if I lose my timing mechanism?
If you lose your timing mechanism you will be liable for its replacement cost as stated in the event Rules (timing mechanism = $80.00).

When and how can I see the results?
An individual results receipt can be printed for finishers as they cross the line and check in home. A complete set of preliminary results will be available following the event and PDF versions will be loaded a day later. Check this website under results for a link to view.

Will photos be available and can I purchase them?
Yes. Check out the event Facebook page post event for an album of photo’s you can download. If you would like a photo in high resolution, please contact the event photographer directly thru their Facebook page.

What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately we cannot influence the weather. So if it rains, it rains. You’ll no doubt get a bit wet, muddy and have even more fun battling the elements to conquer the course!

What happens in an incidence of extreme high winds or fire?
In the unlikely incidence of extreme high winds or a neighboring forest fire the Race Director will make a decision on race morning in the interest of everyone’s safety. This decision will be final. Updates will be given to all competitors at the race briefing ahead of the first riders scheduled event start on the morning of the race.

What should I do if I come across an injured rider?
In the event you come across an injured rider, you must stop and assess if they are o.k. If they are seriously injured ensure oncoming riders can see you and send an on-coming rider down the track to get help from a course marshals and the event medical crew. Any time lost helping out a fellow rider will be rewarded with an average place and time from the competitors other results.

Where do I find info on Event Safety, Race Rules and Fair Play?
A document containing these is found under the Safety, Rules & Fair Play page.

Where can I read the event Waiver?
Before confirming your online entry and on the Entry Information & Enter Here & Shop pages. Otherwise click here.