Next Seasons Dates : 28 October 2017, 9 December 2017, 10 February 2018 and 14 April 2018. Entries open 7am Friday 14th July 2017.

  • What is Enduro?

    What is Enduro?

    Cruise-up, Race-down. Welcome to the most fun you’ll ever have mountain-biking! The sport of Enduro encapsulates everything people love about the sport of mountain-biking – the adventure, challenge, adrenaline fix, combined with fun social riding: and at the same time teases out the little bit of competitiveness and thrill-seeker we all have inside of us. See at the next Giant 2W Gravity Enduro event.

  • “Of all the New Zealand events I’ve done this is the best. Well organised, great trails.
    I’ll definitely be back”.
    Justin Leov – Kiwi EWS rider, Trek factory Racing.

    - Justin Leov

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